Spring Cleanup

Mulching: Hardwood bark mulch is the product of choice by Warstler Bros. Landscaping, Inc. It benefits your shrub beds by helping to maintain moisture, control weeds, prevent erosion, protect from extreme temperatures and improve the aesthetic look of your beds. This service is an important part of our maintenance program overall success. The price quoted for mulching will include the following:

  1. Establish a vertical edge to define the bed areas
  2. Clean up edgings
  3. Clean up any debris left over from previous season
  4. Light pruning as needed
  5. Apply herbicide to the bed area (pre-emergent weed seed control lasting 8-10 weeks)
  6. Apply slow release plant food that feeds up to 120 days
  7. Apply a 1” layer of mulch on existing beds
  8. Tuck bed lines neatly into vertical edge
  9. Blow concrete surfaces and turf clear of debris
  10. Clean up all debris from installation process


A second application of mulch may not be needed, but if your mulch is located in a full sun exposure with frequent irrigation it will deteriorate much more quickly than mulch in natural areas that are shaded and have no irrigation. Please call the office to schedule this additional service. In addition, it is recommended that you cultivate your mulch once a year to break up the crust, which helps the decomposition process and allows air and water to flow freely through the mulch layer.