Snow Removal

Snow removal is an important aspect of our business. Although it only covers one-third of our entire season, it can be the most strenuous service we offer. We maintain over 300 residential and commercial customers with 5 sidewalk and snow blower crews, 2 skid steers and 14 trucks that plow and salt. We are on call 24/7 and provide emergency numbers for our clients to reach us.

Before the weather turns cold and snowy we work to flag our properties at all edges, curves and any other obstructions that we may find in and along driveways and parking lots. This is not to say we are perfect, we do run into the occasional turf/mulch damage, which we work to repair as soon as the weather permits.

Snow removal is only available to customers who obtain a maintenance package with us or who agree to sign a contract for the next maintenance year.