Lawn Maintenance

Mowing: Prior to mowing, we will police all turf areas, shrub beds and parking lots for trash, tree limbs and obstructions. Turf will be completely and evenly mowed at a height that is suitable to your yards condition. (i.e. Type of turf: sun/shade etc.) Typically Spring height is 2.5” to 3”, Summer 3” to 3.5”, Fall 2.5” and final cut for the season is 2”. In areas we cannot reach by mower, we will string trim to a height of adjacent turf. Generally we try not to bag lawn clippings. Turf grass research shows by recycling grass clippings back into your lawn, this helps replenish nutrients. This is a tremendous help to our environment. There are exceptions to not bagging, that homeowner’s request or conditions that require it to be bagged.

Edging: Edging with a string trimmer vertically on hard surfaces. (i.e., walks, drives and patios. Etc.) will be done on a weekly basis during the heavy growing season and biweekly in the off-season. (Summer). Beds that have an established deep edge will be trimmed vertically, biweekly during the growing season.

Clean up: When all the mowing, trimming and weeding is done, clean up begins. We will blow off all hard surfaces, such as driveways, walks patios and parking areas of landscape maintenance debris created by the process.

Fall Leaf Removal: You will not be charged for leaf removal from your turf if our mowers can bag them up. If leaf clean up is needed from your turf, before we mow, you will be charged the current hourly rate per man. The final visit of the season includes cutting back all perennials and removing annuals from all beds and removing leaves from your shrub beds and turf. Cutting turf down to 2” for the end of the season helps control snow mold.