Site Preparation: Before excavation of your pond, all utilities must be marked, including dog fences, irrigation and outdoor lighting. Before digging, pond is roughly painted out to get an idea of layout. Hole is dug to pond specifications, depending on design, depth and layout and must be level front to back and side to side.

Installation: Once the hole is dug underlayment is placed before PVC liner is installed. Skimmer box is set level and bio falls is set level side to side, but tilted slightly forward. All PVC is primed before gluing and ran from the skimmer box to bio falls. Once these items are in place, the entire pond liner is covered with rock and/or gravel. Then, we hose down all rock and/or gravel and pump out the dirty water. Once pond is full we plug the pump in and test the bio falls. Finally, we top pond off with water and make any adjustments to bio falls, rocks or liner if necessary and check for overflows and leaks.

Clean-up: We will remove all excess material and trash from property. Also, we will hose down any patio, sidewalks or driveway if necessary during clean-up.