Plans and Design: At Warstler Bros. Landscaping, Inc. we pride ourselves on developing unique planting designs, proper planning and knowledge of plant material. This is the most important step to be taken when developing a beautiful landscape. It takes a great deal of time, experience and effort to create the right plan. Plan development fees are based on the size of the project and the amount of details that are required. If Wartsler Bros. Landscaping, Inc. does the installation the amount of the design cost will be credited towards the bill.

Plant Materials: Selection of the plants for your project began years ago as we gained experience planting and caring for a wide variety of shrubs, trees and flowers. We   continue to experiment with new plant selections that we believe have promise and exceptional qualities. We work with growers all over Northeast and North Central Ohio to bring the very best, highest quality, best value and most durable plants to your garden. Our knowledge of leading growers and years of testing plants on hundreds of projects leads us to make the recommendations that are found on your materials list. Feel free to inquire about special or new varieties that you are familiar with. We are always happy to locate and learn about great plants that you are familiar with.

Pest Management: We inspect all plants upon delivery to our nursery. If any plant material has signs of pest problems, we will treat them as needed. Our goal is to use top quality plants in our designs that have very few potential pest problems. We only buy our plants from licensed nurseries that pass regular inspections by the state Department of Agriculture. Our staff is trained and licensed by the State of Ohio to provide pest control services on turf grass and ornamental plants.

Soil Prep: We will first remove any sod if bed is being installed in an existing lawn area. We will till the bed to a depth of 4” to 6”. Then we will add topsoil or soil amendments to create a good growing environment. The soil is raked and contoured to have positive drainage out of the bed areas. During this process we will remove any debris that may hinder plant growth.

Installation: After the beds have been prepared, plants will be laid out per design and installed per standards established by state and national landscape organizations. Then beds will be raked and smoothed to remove debris from planting process. A Pre-emergent herbicide will then be applied to prevent weed seeds from germinating. A weed control program consists of hand weeding and spot treating with Roundup and applications of selective Herbicides when problem weeds exist.

An effective weed control program begins during the installation process. The efforts you put into weed control the first season after your new beds have been established will impact your beds for years to come. Remember there will always be some weeds present in a fertile growing environment. If your new landscape beds are being established in an existing lawn we will establish a vertical edge to neatly separate the lawn from the bed area to give your landscape a manicured and professional look. Next we will install a 2” to 3” layer of hardwood bark mulch and water in the plant materials.

Clean up: All concrete surfaces, patios, decks, walks and parking area will be blown clean of debris. This process may include washing of these surfaces that are soiled during the construction. It is our goal to leave the property in better condition than we found it.

Plant Care: Warstler Bros.Landscaping, Inc. will provide you with a Homeowners Maintenance guide that will give you specific    actions for you to take in establishing your new landscape. You are expected to read and refer to this publication often during the first year of establishment. The guidelines we provide answer the common questions about watering, fertilization, pruning, mowing, weed control, pest control and maintenance duties. As always you may call the office if you have additional questions or concerns.

Personnel: A landscape installation crew consists of a crew foreman and one or two    landscape installation technicians. Your project signer/estimator will be able to discuss scheduling, answer technical questions and pricing for add on services. Our Office Manager will be your initial phone contact and will be responsible for billing questions, work records and for passing on information to appropriate personnel. If a problem arises that can not be resolved by any of the personnel listed you may contact Damon or Shawn Warstler to resolve your problem.

Scheduling: We will work as quickly as possible to install your new landscape. The time of year, our current work load and
weather conditions greatly impact when we can complete your project. We place new clients on a first come first serve basis of scheduling. Spring time is always are busiest season and poor weather conditions create delays. It is our goal to complete your project as promptly as we can. When we begin your job we will not stop until it is finished. You will have our complete attention while we are installing your landscape project. We appreciate your patience for delays beyond our control.

Payment: Depending on the scope of the work we may ask for a deposit of one third of the total job. The balance of the job is payable    upon completion within 30 days. Any delay in the payment or outstanding balances on your account will be cause for cancellation of your warranty.

Guarantee: If a plant that we install on your project should fail, we will replace it free of charge for one full year after installation. If you hire our company to provide Lawn Maintenance Services immediately following an installation project we will extend that warranty for the duration of uninterrupted maintenance services. This does not cover acts of god, seasonal color or perennials. You must follow the Homeowners Maintenance Guide provided to you. We are looking forward to a long and satisfying