Design & Installation

We have been providing professional landscape design services for over 25 years. There are a few people who have an eye and talent for landscape design, but that natural talent needs to be backed up with the proper experience, training and accreditation. Many members of our staff have earned both state and national certifications. That gives you the confidence that our designs will look great the day they are finished and for many years to come.

You can rely on Warstler Brothers to help with landscape design… the lawn, beds and plantings… for new construction, or to create a fresh and more attractive look to update your current landscaping. We also provide design and installation for “hardscapes,” patios, walkways and walls.


Designing landscapes is different than any other kind of design because the final product will continue to grow, change and mature. That requires not only a clear plan for what the design will look like on the day it’s finished, but how will it look throughout the season, and long-term as it grows and matures over the years.


Brick and stone are possibly the most durable, and certainly among the most attractive, building materials. Used to create patios, walkways and walls, brick and stone have a timeless beauty. The real quality of “hardscape” design… patios and walkways… usually can’t be seen. It’s the engineering behind the design that determines whether your hardscape will continue to look good for years to come. Without the right foundation, you will have ongoing headaches and need future repair.


irrigation systems may seem like an extravagance, but in the long run can actually save you money while ensuring a healthier landscape. In our region, and with our soil types, most beds don’t require irrigation. An exception is large beds of annual flowers. Most lawns, however, do require irrigation.


More customers every year are including a garden pond or other water feature as part of their landscaping. Pond design requires a unique set of skills and areas of expertise. There are many elements required… proper excavation, selection and placement of rocks and shape, filtration and pump systems, plant and fish selection… to create an attractive, low-maintenance feature.