Our Services

Landscapes are ever-changing. Plants bloom, grow and age. For maximum beauty and health, your landscaped areas require regular attention and routine care.

Warstler Bros. Landscaping, Inc. offers customers a complete menu of lawn and landscape services. Many customers select our complete maintenance package that includes weekly mowing, fertilization, bed maintenance, Spring cleanup and irrigation system startup/shutdown. But customers can also pick and choose only what they want to create a completely customized list of services, tailored to fit your preferences and budget.

Lawn Maintenance

For most property owners, your lawn is the largest maintenance item and the most visible element of your landscape. You can rely on Warstler Brothers to dispatch the appropriate landscape professionals and equipment to give your lawn an attractive mowing each week.


Most customers select our standard, five-application fertilizer program, with an optional grub control application. We apply only high-quality fertilizers, and offer a non-chemical organic option for property owners concerned about the possible environmental impacts of fertilization.

Bed Maintenance

Beds may include a nearly unlimited array of plants, from low grasses and flowers, to shrubs and bushes, and trees of every size and type. Beds require an ongoing program to keep them beautiful and healthy.

Spring Cleanup

As every northeastern Ohio resident knows, winters can take a toll on your plants and landscaping. As we start to enjoy those first warming days of the year, Warstler Bros. crews are on the job repairing the winter damage and preparing for spring and summer growth.

Ponds & Water

A well-designed pond requires relatively little maintenance. To keep an attractive garden pond with a healthy environment for both fish and plants, the pond should be thoroughly cleaned at every year for best results, but no less than once every two years.


Trees, shrubs and grasses all combine to create a beautiful greenspace. But the stars of every landscape area are the flowers. Warstler Brothers works with our customers to select from the unlimited palette of colors, sizes and shapes to create the colorful display they desire.

Snow Removal

When the snow flies, Warstler Brothers equipment is on the roads around the clock. We rely on our dedicated weather monitoring system to keep us advised of incoming snow. The system automatically sends alerts to our on-call snow removal crew advising them of when to expect snow and how much